My success story

After graduating Goris secondary school #6 in 1991 I applied to the Engineering University. However I was not successful and was not admitted. I was very disappointed and thought that there are no more opportunities left for me.
But life has a different destiny for me. In 1993 I got married and became mother. Living in a traditional Armenian family I indulged in a daily routine and forgot about my dream.
When my eldest son entered the University during his studies I learnt about educational opportunities at college. I am very thankful to my family as they supported my decision to pursue my dream and being encouraged by the director of Goris State Agricultural College, Mrs. Nune Avetisyan in 2012 I entered  Goris State Agricultural College and successfully graduated from the department of “Management” getting the qualification of Manager. After graduating the college I continued my education at Goris State University in the department of “Business Management and Economy”. In 2016 I received invitation from the college to work as a teacher of economy. I love working with young people and sharing my knowledge and life experience. Here I feel that I am required specialist and now I can say that I could achieve my goals and realize my oldest dream.

Jasmena Arustamyan