My key to success

I just graduated from the Goris State Agricultural College , department “Veterinary” and I can say that I succeeded in this part of my life. I am sure that I chose a right profession.Since my childhood I loved animals. Although my friends and peers were always interested in computers and informational technologies I was highly interested in natural world of animals.
During my studies at the college I always tried to be as much involved as possible in theoretical and practical lessons and this way to get as much knowledge and skills as possible. My family also had impact on my choice of the profession as most of my family is involved in veterinary.
Nowadays when I have a call for veterinary treatment or surgery I could see a light of pride in my grandfather’s eyes which makes me happy. My grandfather is sure that I will continue the job of my family and I think that I still have a long journey to go and there are lot of things to learn but at the same time I am sure that I have a right profession and I can say that the college was my key to success.

Mayis Asatryan

 College graduate