HAIS Added more Fleet

Jakarta, August 26, 2022. Today PT Hasnur Internasional Shipping Tbk (the“Company”; IDX ticker: “HAIS”) inaugurated Hasnur-311 barge that will be pulled by tugboat NJS-01 in “Tampung Tawar” ceremony led by Company Operation Director. “Tampung Tawar” is a Banjar tradition that symbolizes everything based on the good intension will go well.                                                                                                       

Hasnur-311 barge is a 300 feet barge and capable of carrying 7,500 metric tonnes of cargo like coal. With this addition, the Company owns 13 units of tugboat and 12 units of barges with carrying capacity of 7,500 to 10,000 metric tonnes as well as 1 unit set of CPO tug and barge.

HAIS Operation Director Soma Ariyaka in his inauguration speech affirm that this additional barge is to improve company services for its customers. “God willing, in the month of September 2022, we will inaugurate 1 additional set of tug and barges as part of our commitment to improve our service and to further grow our businesses”, Soma Ariyaka state in her speech.



For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary

Dwita A. Lestari